3 September 2014

Hope and Greenwood Sour Vintage Jelly Buttons (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

Hope and Greenwood are "purveyors of splendid goods" such as "fruity jellies for fine folks". I know this because it told me on the front of the packet, and why would they lie? In the absence of "fine folks" I stole myself away to eat these sour jellies after dinner one night. Hope and Greenwood would have to cope with my greedy self instead! There were four flavours of sour jelly buttons in the bag. First up was the green coloured Apoplectic Apple. On first taste I was very glad I'd hidden myself away. There was an immediate face twisty sour sugar taste followed by a tangy natural apple flavour. Crazy Cola was next up being a mid brown colour and whilst not being as sour as the apple flavour, these jellies had a good sourness and a more refined traditional cola flavour rather than the regular zingy cola bottles you may find in a Pick and Mix. The yellow Livid Lemon jelly was next and it took me right back to face twistiness. There was a sherbet lemon flavour mixed in with the almost fizzy sourness. Great stuff! Last up was the raw pink coloured Mad Cherry flavour. Never keen on cherries this flavour was purposefully left until last. How wrong was I? These Mad Cherry jellies were just as sour as the Livid Lemons and had a mild sweet cherry flavour which was both a slap in the kisser followed by a velvet lip smacking sweetness like a smack and a kiss from cheeky companion. Great sweets here. Resealable bag: phah! Don't eat them in groups.

Information on the bag;
100g bag at 312 calories (which I polished off in about ten minutes), with 71.8g of sugar and 0g of fat. Ingredients included; sugar, glucose syrup, water, gelatine, citric acid, tartaric acid, natural flavours, and natural colorants.
By Spectre

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