2 September 2014

Lotus Biscoff - Spreadable Biscuit [By @Cinabar]

There have been few occasions when I have been eating toast, and thought to myself “I wish I could have some biscuits on this”. By few occasions, I really mean never. The two things just don’t sound like they should go together.
I really like Lotus biscuits, I adore the chocolate coated ones, and they are certainly in my favourite list. When they got in touch and asked if I wanted to try their spreadable edition, I was rather curious, but by no means convinced that it was going to work.
I fired up the toaster, and opened the jar labelled ‘crunchy’. It looked a lot like peanut butter in its consistency, and colour to be fair. It was fairly firm, but spread well on the toast. As the toast was hot the topping melted a little and went glossy on the top.
Before I took my first bite in the toast I passed Spectre the knife, so he could put it in the sink. He licked the knife and his face changed enraptured by its contents.
I took a bite of the toast, and totally understood. Don’t ask me how or why biscuit on toast works, but its magic. The spices, the texture, the sweetness, its buttery and it melts. Everything was so spot on. Put down your peanut butter pots, and who needs jam - this is the future. In fact lets forget the toast too, just give me the jar and a spoon, this stuff is awesome.
By Cinabar


paulham said...

And you a lover of cinnamon, cinabar!
Where have you been?

It is lovely, lovely stuff but you really don't want to look too hard at the calorie content. *ouch*

Plant Based Running Guy said...

Ooh, think I might finally need to get round to trying this. Looks like a nice treat