17 September 2014

Hellfire Plum Chutney (@RaydalePreserve) [By @SpectreUK]

This Hellfire Plum Chutney was bought by Cinabar's brother at a farmer's market near Leeds and sent to me via express delivery to either blog about or just to torture me in some bizarre way! Ashamedly it's sat on a shelf in the Foodstufffinds grotto ever since. Until one brave moment (okay so it was going out of date) I plucked up the courage (couple of weeks and it would have been in the bin) to try this Hellfire Plum Chutney on a lunchtime sandwich for work. I could see the dark purple colour of the chutney through the transparent jar, there were plenty of chilli seeds bobbing evilly around in there like a multitude of baby demons waiting in plain sight. Despite the scary hot look of the chutney there was a pleasant sweet fruity smell of plums, and I could see that there was plenty of raisins and chopped up bits of fruit and onions in the purple chutney. I put a brave (dumb) hefty dollop on my corned beef sandwich. I foolishly forgot at that point and licked the knife before putting it next to the sink for washing. First of all a good safety tip would suggest not licking knives (I did cut my lip the other day, which suggests a lack of learning from one's mistakes). Secondly don't lick anything that is covered with something that's called "Hellfire". Having said that, this chutney had a sweet plum and appley fruity chutney taste to it with a chilli bite at the end of the flavour that caught at the back of my throat. I had spread the chutney pretty thick on my sandwich, so I began to worry a little (okay, more than a little). I needn't have worried though as the plum chutney really brought out the flavour of the corned beef, complementing the meaty taste in such a way as to make me feel stupid (even after licking a knife a second time that week) for not trying this chutney immediately after I had unwrapped it. This Hellfire Plum Chutney made my corned beef sandwich almost unputdownable. All the flavours of the chutney were present from the fruity plum and apples, the onions, the raisins, the zing from the vinegar, the ginger tongue tickle, and the final throat catching chilli heat at the end of the flavour. An excellent healthy feeling chutney I must say. I don't know about hot as Hellfire, but this Plum Chutney was devilishly pleasurable to eat!

Information on the label;
210g. Produced by Raydale Preserves, established in 1978 by Lesley and Derek Kettlewell on their family farm in Leyburn, North Yorkshire. Ingredients included; plums, apples, onions, raisins, sugar, white wine vinegar, chillies, ginger and salt.
By Spectre

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