21 September 2014

UpBeat - High Protein Dairy Drink - Blueberry and Raspberry [by @NLi10]

I was in Holland & Barrett picking up some curious things to eat and drink and spotted these unusual versions of the protein shake.  They are much more natural looking than the synthetic stuff we've been looking at so far so I figured I'd pick one up.

They are only 250ml but are made with 91% whey protein concentrate which is 20g of protein per bottle.  Doesn't sound that appetising though, does it.  Fortunately that other 9% is mostly fruit puree and they are suitable for vegetarians.

I chose the Blueberry and Raspberry one because I'm predictable.

The fruity goodness does actually work - it tastes like a normal shake (only a bit thicker) and not a protein thing.  These are pretty much a mix of a smoothie and a protein drink I guess.  I'd have to try the other flavours before calling this a total success but I'm liking what i've seen so far.  

As it has to be refrigerated it was hiding at the back of the store where I'm guessing a lot of muscle fans overlook it due to it blending in so well with the normal person drinks.  I guess they need to stick a little sign up next to the giant whey tubs and grenades full of caffeine (i kid you not) that says the nicer ones are at the back.

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