18 September 2014

Matcha Green Tea Pocky & regular Green Tea Pocky (by @NLi10)

My lovely sister bought me some Matcha Green Tea Pocky.  I ate the first packet and thought about how I would write the review.  It tastes like a mix of green tea powder and Pocky.  I wondered if this Japanese import had anything special about it compared to the regular green tea Pocky so I found some!

This appears to be made for the chinese market or in china (.cn on the packaging) but I'm not sure - the import info was vague.  This does mean that we can directly compare the two.

As you can see the stuck together Matcha at the bottom is darker than the normal green tea.  This translates into a much more explosive taste in the Matcha than in the regular sticks.  It also has the stimulating green tea effect when you eat a whole melty bunch together.

The flavour is that distinctive sharp green tea taste that I love and I'll certainly be hunting out more of these.

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