23 September 2014

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Drink [@PeanutHottie] (By @Cinabar)

Just when I’d come to terms with the invention that is Peanut Butter Hottie, they only go and up their game and come up with a chocolate version!! IF you haven’t tried the original Peanut Hottie already, where have you been? If truth be told, I had already supplemented my Peanut Hottie with a teaspoon of hot chocolate in an amateurish attempt to create this drink, but now they’ve done that for me, properly.
I have always made Peanut Hottie with hot water, and I continue to do this with the chocolate version. It was a little more awkward to mix up, and it did need a bit more stirring than the regular variety to mix up. It was by no means difficult to make, its just the usual Peanut Hottie pretty much dissolves straight away when you add the water.
After stirring, I gave the drink a first sip. I was pleasantly surprised by the balance of flavour. This is defiantly Peanut Butter and Chocolate rather than Chocolate and Peanut Butter; if you see what I mean. The drink is still all about the peanut flavour, but the after taste is smooth and chocolate, and gives the drink a lovely edge. It also feels more creamy in texture and indulgent, perfect for the autumn and winter months ahead, to soothe away the cold. Chocolate and nuts are such a good combination, and as peanut butter fan this drink is going to take some beating.
By Cinabar

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