16 September 2014

Nescafe Spiced Orange Mocha [By @Cinabar]

I know this drink may feel a bit Autumnal in its flavour but I couldn’t resist giving it a try the minute one of the lovely ladies at work brought the box in. She knows I have a passion for drinks with a spiced element, so knew it would be up my street. I drink a lot of chai!
Even before opening the sachets there was a lovely hint of cinnamon spice, which only enhanced when the powder was poured into the mug. When the hot water was added the powder dissolved easily and a lovely frothy topping appeared whilst stirring. The aroma by now was that of christmas; ginger, cinnamon, orange, chocolate and coffee. All those smells you associate with autumn/winter and that time of year.
When I took the drinks back into the room the comments were that it smelt like gingerbread, and I agreed, the proper stuff, like you get at German Christmas markets. The taste was very much on the ginger side of things too, not too strong, and with a lovely hint of sweet orange to give it a citrus bite, and an aftertaste of chocolate. It is a good mix of tastes, and quite a different combination. It is the sort of drink that will warm us up over the coming months as we all hit Autumn.
Big thanks to Lorraine from work for bringing it in, she is the provider of the greatest selection of hot drinks available in any office. Seriously folks, you should see our tea shelf! :-)
By Cinabar

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