20 September 2014

Cubanisto Rum Flavoured Beer (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

Coming to the end of my stint at the place that I work at I've been given less and less work to do, and so I have found myself on the odd walk to the mini market across the road to pick up milk for hot drinks and lunches for my favoured colleagues. On one such occasion I noticed a box of three bottles of these Cubanisto Rum Flavoured Beers and just had to pick one up. The tall hairy dude that served me was interested to know what I thought of them. It says "El espiritu del Caribe" on the label of this dark blond beer, which roughly translates as "the spirit of the Carribean". There were plenty of freaky Voodoo skull images on the bottles and outer box to complete the Carribean feel. On popping open a bottle there was a sweet rum liquor smell to this fizzy beer. Feeling in a greedy mood after work one night I decided to overfill my beer mug with two bottles of this strong beer. There was a sweet fizzy lager taste to begin with, but this was quickly replaced by the warming sweet spirit kick from the rum. I found this Cubanisto Rum Flavoured Beer very easy to drink and moreish. I was very glad at the time that I'd cracked open two bottles to try. Whoo... Strong stuff though! I'd certainly recommend it to the guy behind the counter and anyone else that fancies a try.

Information on the label;
330ml bottle at 5.9% volume. Contains malted barley and 50% rum. Produced by AB InBev in Luton.
By Spectre

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