25 September 2014

PUKKA - the Green Tea Revolution [Review by @NLi10]

First up - I'm not sure why all the pictures are at an angle - sorry!

I received this promotional Green Tea leaflet from my partner - and it contained two different varieties.  My plan wasn't to review these particularly but as it happens they are a little more interesting than I'd thought.

The company is Pukka - not one I'd heard of, but organic green teas are a nice thing for work so I was certainly happy to give them a try.

First up is this Clean Green tea - which is green tea with lemon.  A pretty common combination, but nice to see.  The leaves were quite small in the bag and it was fairly flat but did have some odd shapes in there too.  Once you look on the back it turns out that this has fennel and other interesting botanics floating around too.  Maybe I over-brewed it but the fennel taste was fairly strong.  It wasn't that I didn't like it, more that it didn't really suit the name clean.  
This is a green tea for people who aren't keen on that dark bitter taste for sure, but I think the other earthy flavours (like many infusion based drinks) may put some off.  I'd not turn down a cup, but I have other greens in my tea caddy I prefer.

This darker 'supreme matcha tea' was the other offering (and actually the one I drank first).  This is a mix of green tea with the industrial grade matcha powder combined.  This means it's like the Red Bull of the tea world.
Where as the first drink was quite soothing, this is more of a call to action.  Great for people who really need coffee strength tea.  The flavour wasn't too bitter either which was a nice surprise.  I think that again my tastes lie somewhere in-between these two - and there is a serene Jasmin variety that sounds like what I drink, and a mint green which sounds like Moroccan Whisky.
If I was offered this again I'd make sure that I had something to do with all that stimulation and wasn't just sitting at my desk buzzing!

Overall an interesting couple of drinks that do make me want to try the others in the range so I'll look out for these in cafes.

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