6 September 2014

Hardknott - Cool Fusion Beer (Westmorland @Hardknott @TebayServices) [By @SpectreUK]

Discussions about the state of the weather can fill a gap in conversation. So can a decent beverage. We are heading towards the end of the summer, which is a statement of fact that we can't escape from. Not that we've had much sunny weather in the first place, but we have had quite a bit of humidity. When I'm hot and bothered I do like a refreshing drink to cool me down. This Cool Fusion from the Hardknott Brewery sounded just the ticket. It stated "Have a beer powered moment" on the bottle, but I received quite a shock on opening and first pouring this lively frothy beer as it almost exploded out of the bottle and the head nearly overflowed out of my beer glass. This cloudy beer had a strong sweet and spicy hoppy smell with an almost grassy undertone. Ginger and spices have been added during the brewing giving this fizzy beer a refreshing spicy caress to the palette that somehow warms and cools the senses in the same moment. The spicy sweetness from the ginger hits the tastebuds first closely followed by the bitter hoppiness with added sweetness from what was likely crystal malt. These flavours push on into the aftertaste leaving a heavy citrus edge on the tongue and a hoppy lip smacking spiciness. There was quite a blob of yeasty sediment on the bottom of the glass too, but I don't think that's a bad thing as it's just extra B vitamins if you fancy a taste. I found this a refreshing feisty beer with plenty of rich sweet and spicy flavour to it, and would be happy to enjoy another glass of it anytime.

Information on the bottle;
330ml bottle at 4.4% volume. Produced by the Hardknott Brewery in Cumbra. Recommends to eat with oriental food like sushi.
By Spectre

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