9 September 2014

New Nescafe Smooth Roast Coffee (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

When I was browsing in Tesco at the weekend I spotted this new coffee from Nescafe. Quite a few makes of instant coffee have brought out an edition with a micro-ground real bean content, and this is Nescafe’s version. I do like my coffee and I drink a lot at work, particularly instant, so I was keen to give it the taste test.
I like the tin that it came in, and the fact that it is resealable to ensure it stays fresh. When you first pull back the lid there was a lovely coffee smell that was very fresh. The consistency of the coffee is very fine, it is a powder, not granulated, this explains why the tin felt quite light.
I heaped a teaspoon’s worth into a mug and added boiled water. The coffee dissolved instantly and made a dark black looking coffee. I added milk, as I always do, I gave it a proper taste.
The flavour was surprisingly good. It was rich and strong, but had a nice smooth edge. It tastes a lot nicer than regular instants, and impressively rather like a ground coffee. I actually though I’d be quite happy with the drink if I received it in a cafe, which is high praise indeed. The only clue that it wasn’t from a machine was the last mouthful had a small amount of powdery residue in the bottom, but that is hardly a major issue. The key thing is it tasted proper, and despite the adverts on TV, very few instants do. This is certainly a tub I’ll be buying again, tasty coffee thats quick to make.
By Cinabar


Unknown said...

I also tried this coffee and loved it, but can seem to find it again!! Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hello Corrina - it was on offer in co-op for 2.95 last week - not sure if it's gone up now as that was introductory offer.

cinabar said...

I had my last tin a couple of weeks back from Sainsburys (£5) though :-o

Unknown said...

Loved this coffee can't get it anywhere, have any of you lovers found out why it seems to have been taken off the marlet. I have emailed Nestle?

Simon Says said...

I wondering why this hasn't been available. Especially as I found it to best flavour and smoothness yet.