8 September 2014

New Rocky Big Eat Caramel [By @Cinabar]

These new bars from Fox’s see the regular Rocky bar’s getting bigger. Never a bad thing in my humble opinion! They come in a very brightly packaged multipack, with four bars inside. They are an ideal afternoon treat for work, the sort of thing I’d happily pack in my lunch box for a nice treat and sweet pick-me-up. There are 208 calories per bar in these caramel edition ones, which isn’t too bad considering what they are.
I brewed up a nice coffee and opened up the bars to test out one afternoon. The bars look quite big, and are just like a large version of the usual bar. I thought for some reason the pieces might be in chunks, so they could be broken off, but the bar is consistent in its size.
I broke a bit off and was impressed by the consistency of the caramel, it was oozing! The texture of the bar is really nice, soft chocolate, crunchy biscuit and gooey thick caramel.
The flavours are spot on, the simple combination of caramel, chocolate and biscuit all go together very well. It may not be a new innovative bar, but I have to say I like the larger size of the bar and its chocolatey goodness. It feels more substantial and more filling than the usual Rocky bars. I would say it is more of an adult snack, rather than a kids lunch box treat, something a bit proper.
They have also brought out the chocolate edition in the Big Eat bar, which I will be picking up very soon.
By Cinabar

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