7 September 2014

Knor Flavour Pot - Garlic (and Tofu) - [review by @NLi10]

A few years back I got a Knor gravy pot in a goodie bag from the good food show. It worked fairly well, but I've no massive need to make gravy so it didn't tempt me to buy more.  In Asda the other day I spotted that the range at some point has become expanded - and these seasoning pots were born.

From the multitude of flavours I chose the garlic one as I figured it was less similar or typical sauces and I already had a meal in mind.

The little recipie leaflet suggested two other tasty things - carbonara and garlic prawns.  As I'm not great with shellfish and my parter is veggie I chose to swap the prawns for tofu.

Using the same idea and putting the fried buttery garlicky tofu with a salad got us this.

Where as usually you would have garlic with tofu, this made the tofu actually taste of the garlic, and then crisp on the outside too. The flavour was very realistic and clearly contained actual garlic and not just flavour - and it may even be too much for some people who aren't that keen!

We have two pots left to use, and plan on trying the carbonara (veggie again) with the next one.

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