7 August 2015

Chirps - Sour Cream and Onion - Egg White Crisps (Ocado) [By @cinabar]

If you click on the category crisps on this blog you will find many items that aren't potato based, but are products I'd still consider to be "crisps". Some are made from cassava root, others are corn based but they are essentially crisps, in my head at least.
This new product from Two Chicks still gets the crisps category below, but I have to admit it is pushing the definition a little. These have no potato, and are formed from egg whites. This makes them lower carb and fat than other crisps, and a bit unusual too. They have been released in a selection of flavours, but I decided to try the Sour Cream and Onion first.
I actually took the bag into work as the folks there like a taste test. I offered them out and everyone assumed they were guessing the flavour, so I had to explain it was the substance they were made out of that was different. Texture wise they are firm and crunchy, but not hard. They do give and they are a nice munchable consistency. I had a varied selection of answers everything from turnip through to rice, which isn't that far off as they do contain some rice. Nobody guessed the main ingredient as being egg, which is odd as I trust my work colleagues taste buds. The thing is the flavour on them is just so strong. The onion nature of these egg based crisps really topped everything. I think I would have liked the egg base, but it's delicate creamy taste was covered in a powder that screamed sour cream and onion at you like you were eating just raw seasoning. I have to admit, they even made me feel a bit sick. Less is more.
I have given the bag of JalapeƱo Chirps egg crisps to Spectre, who I hope fairs better than me with them. I think it could work, it just need some seasoning adjustment.
By Cinabar

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