19 August 2015

Kettle Chips Soy, Ginger, Chilli & Honey Flavour Crisps (Sainsburys) [By @SpectreUK]

Wow! That’s quite a flavour combination for these seasonal edition Kettle Chips. Soy, Ginger, Chilli & Honey flavoured crisps sound like a late summer moving into autumn snack treat. I couldn’t decide whether I’d be able to pick out all the flavours in each crisp, or they’d mix so well together that I wouldn’t be able to pick out each flavour. So I tore open the bag whilst Cinabar and her mom were out shopping and dug in. There was a strong ginger smell to these almost orange coloured crisps, with a good dollop of chilli powder. I could pick out spices in the odour also such as cinnamon and cumin as well as black pepper and paprika. Deeply smelling the spices from the packet like some demented wine taster I could also pick out soy sauce at the end of the smell. Biting into one of the crisps and sucking like a food blogger the sheer flavour was akin to a mad game of tastebuds Twister. The soy tickles the ginger, the ginger bashed against the other chilli powder spices, the paprika tripped over the black pepper and then the soy fell on top of everyone else. This was easily one of the most flavoursome packets of crisps I’ve ever eaten, and I’m not just saying like a Kettle Chips Fanboy! And I had the whole 150g bag to myself! There remained a flavoursome spicy medium chilli burn in my mouth as I stopped to type. Then I was back onto the packet like a wild animal that hadn’t eaten for days. Going to have to get some more of these crisps and then wait until I have the place to myself again…
By Spectre

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