14 August 2015

Mexican Chicken Oval - Quicknic Food (Greggs) [By @cinabar]

I think we all know what the British summer is like. Changeable, and with no guarantees of a sunny day, if we do get one it is likely to be at short notice. This is why we have the emergency barbecue stuff, ie bacon and sausages in the freezer, just waiting to be defrosted and cooked alfresco. On a similar note to make the most of a hot day, Greggs wanted to remind us of their selection of foodstuffs and its ability to be used for a Quicknic (or short notice picnic). I have been testing these out for lunches, which can be enjoyed inside or out dependent on how the kind the weather is being. There is a Geggs a five minute walk from where I work, so this is one of my favourite places to go for lunch, whatever the weather.
I decided to go for a Mexican Chicken Oval as my main item. There was just enough spice, but not enough to over power the flavours in the sandwich. I know some of their wraps can be quite hot, so I like the balance of warmth here better. The chicken was fresh and moist. Greggs make their sandwiches fresh everyday, so the salad was still crunchy and the bread still fluffy. The seeds are a nice addition.
One of my favourite Greggs items is the humble sausage roll, so obviously we picked up some of those too, and it wouldn’t be a proper treat without something from the cake section. Iced finger buns are also a must!
By Cinabar

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