23 August 2015

Keelham Farm Shop, Skipton [by @NLi10] @keelhamfarm

This weekend we were working the Oxfam charity event TrailTrekker 100km walk - where participants had to both walk overnight and in a huge thunder storm. We were based in the Skipton area in a school and right next to it was a giant farm shop run by Keelhams - the people who sent us a bunch of chutneys which we ate over Christmas.

Farm shop really doesn't do it justice, it's more like a farm superstore! It even has an in store bakery and all the goods are fresh and as local as possible.

They do their own ranges of pies and pizzas like the supermarkets do but they also do the things that brought them to our attention - preserves.

And they do chutneys.

In fact there is a whole lot of things there - it's like a one stop farm shop!

Why do we have a view from the balcony? Well they also have a cafe which serves the produce from the store.

My partner had a yummy carrot cake and I had a more unusual date and orange scone - at last a fruity scone for people who don't like raisins. Top marks from me for that. With butter and their own jam it was a light and crispy delight.

The things we've bought will have to wait to be reviewed as we haven't even made it home yet.  If you are in the right part of Yorkshire then this is well worth a visit!

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