30 August 2015

Tesco Fruit/Veg Crunchy Slices (crisps!) [by @NLi10]

Crisps made out of things that aren't potato are not a new idea - especially if you have been in shops like Holland & Barrett or other health food specialists.  Tesco snuck these into the healthy nuts section of the fruit aisle and so I thought I'd give them a try.

At £1 a bag they are a bit on the steep side for what you get, but what are they actually like?

This is the beetroot, the most earthy of the flavours and the most disliked by the sample panel of people in the IT office. Only me and one other person really liked these, and I left them to finish the bag as the flavour got a bit much.  Nice as an occasional taste I don't think I'll be snacking on these.

Apple is the easy win here - they taste like apple (and lemon) and are sweet and zingy.  Probably the least nutritious of the bunch, but an easy sell for adults and kids alike. 

Sweet Potato was the only other one we've eaten so far (I picked up carrot to take with us in future) and probably the most effective.  It tastes like the real thing, but isn't quite as earthy as the beetroot. I'd buy these again (already have!) but not as a regular snack thing, more as a treat.

So - overall - if you are trying to avoid fried potato snacks then these are a great alternative, but you are probably better off just eating the real fruits or buying a nice big back of unflavoured nuts that are just below these.


Anonymous said...

What isle are these in as I keep looking for them but cant find them?

NLi10 said...

Oddly they stuck them with the organic nuts and seeds in the fruit aisles in my Tesco. Opposite the blueberries where I was guaranteed to spot them!