16 August 2015

Koko Dairy Free - Light & Low Fat + Original [by @NLi10]

As part of my new Fuhrman diet from Eat To live there are two words in particular that struck fear into my soul - 'NO DAIRY'.  While for most people the cheese part of this is the issue, for me it's the milk - I love the stuff!  I have cereal for breakfast every morning, and while the cereal part is requiring some interesting choices the milk side of things requires total substitution.  So i've invested in these Koko milk replacements that are based on Coconut.

Here is my first attempt at tea (decaf - no caffeine allowed!) and as you can see it's oddly dark.  I quickly figured out that for this kind of thing you need to double the amount you use to get the colour and flavour back.  This aside - surprisingly it worked.  I did click after this that the red label is probably supposed to be imitating skimmed milk which i'd never consider buying so it's a good start that I can work from.

And with my quality bran based cereal (that is probably a bit of a cheat in itself) the not-milk worked really well.  I thought the nutty flavours worked well with the bran.

I could get used to this quite easily I think!

Later in the week I tried the semi-skimmed version, which has more coconut and a stronger flavour. I wasn't so keen on this initially as it overwhelmed the Bran a Flakes taste, but as I used it up I grew to quite like it. The texture is also closer to milk which is reassuring.

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