26 August 2015

Walkers Retro Bring Me Back - Cheese and Chive / Toasted Cheese [By @Cinabar]

As mentioned Walkers crisps are re-launching five of their discontinued flavours in order for people to vote for a favourite and bring it back properly. I thought I would start out by trying out two of the cheesy (literally) sounding packs.

Cheese and Chive
I do actually remember these being available, and although they weren’t deemed that special to me at the time, they are ones I ended up missing. The crisps are speckled with chives and had a lovely cheese aroma.
I gave the first crisp a try and it was really tasty. There was a good hint of salt, lots of cheese and that onion like tang from the chive. It ended with a lovely creaminess to the flavour that made it feel more like a cream cheese. I did like these crisps a lot, and the only negativity I have toward them is that there are other alternatives that carry a cheese and chive option. It isn’t that different, its good, but perhaps it isn’t the one.

Toasted Cheese
I don’t remember this flavour being available, but as I do like cheese crisps I thought these sounded quite intriguing. One of my favourite snack food is toasted cheese, usually with a splash of Worcestershire sauce.
These crisps have a golden colour to them and smelt quite strong. The flavour too is strong, a nice deep savoury cheese taste, with maybe the slightest hint of toastedness (right clicked and added to dictionary) in the aftertaste. Again these were nice to eat, but the toasted nature wasn’t as defined as I’d like, so again these felt a bit like regular cheese flavour red crisps.

I’m pretty sure one of the meaty flavour is going to be the one that gets my vote, so keep an eye out for the next reviews.
By Cinabar

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