29 August 2015

New Galaxy Duet Chocolate Bar (Sainsburys) [By SpectreUK]

This new Galaxy Duet chocolate bar seems to have a foot in two worlds, caramel and shortcake. Whereas one bar has gooey caramel inside waiting to ooze out on biting, the other side that sits right next to it in the packet has chunks of shortcake set within the chocolate. On opening the packet for some reason I was surprised to see the two halves of the chocolate bar joined. They sounded so different in my head that I kind of expected them to be separate. Although when I thought about it would probably be impractical with them bagging into each other in transit in someone’s pocket. I cracked them apart during a break in writing my dissertation, whilst trying not to think of any other chocolate bars that breaktime reminded me of. The two halves gave no indication, to which was which so I took a punt and bit into the one in my right hand, which was filled with soft and sweet gooey caramel. Moving to my left hand was the crunchier shortcake chunks in the Galaxy trademark chocolate. Both pieces tasted great and I have to admit taking it in turns with my bites rather than eating each side separately. It seemed the right thing to do for some reason and I really enjoyed the mixture flavours and textures of crunching one moment and gooey sweet caramel the next. A great treat if you fancy a bit more of a luxury break from whatever mischief you’re up to!

Information on the packet

37g bar has 192 calories with 10.7g of fat and 19.6g of sugar. The ingredients include vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter, and are suitable for vegetarians.
By Spectre

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Unknown said...

Yes when will they bring back the original 'duet' bar, that of the marshmallow and smooth runny caramel, in two small bars, like a duet Mars, with both ingredients in the same chocolate bar and having two.