20 August 2015

GOOD HEMP (use like milk) [by @NLi10]

As part of my no dairy (apart from the Magnum Pink I accidentally had last night) routine I've switched to milk substitutes. At work I picked up this for my tea.

I'd had hemp tea at Glastonbury and in smoothies so I presumed it'd be OK.  The texture was closer to milk than I expected but the flavour was a lot more floral.  I really wasn't sure whether I'd like this at first.

There are lots of health benefits from taking way from dairy and milk listed here, and as I'd bought the big container I persevered.  I think I was being too heavy handed at first - where as the coconut based milk substitutes work better in larger quantities this is more of a subtle amount and closer to milk.

By the end of the week I was actually quite enjoying it and looked forwards to the cups of tea.  If you are a fan of teas like Earl Grey then the floral taste will grow on you, if not you may be better on the coconut versions.

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