27 August 2015

Mr. Singh's Punjabi Pesto (Asda) [By @NLi10]

I like odd, versatile products that save me time when cooking - and this week I spotted this.  We love pesto and food from that part of the world so it seemed worth a shot.

Also, while I'm on a health kick it's smart to keep things that I can add to meals floating around (like my go-to Bacon Jam) and I think this may be one that we go back to.

Essentially it's just spicy pesto, but as they have had a good think about the flavours and uses for it you can go that little bit further.  We've tried it with Quorn as a cooking paste which browns up nicely and releases the flavours, and just as a topping for a lazy pasta dish.  I'm yet to mix it into salads but that will certainly happen over the next few days.

There were a couple of flavours, but I wisely chose the lowest chilli rating one. This is just below a Medium on the international Nando's scale of hotness, meaning it's comfortable but certainly warming.  If you want to add a Punjabi kick to meals then this works well, and as you don't, need loads one jar will go a long way.

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