18 August 2015

Tic Tac Mixers: Peach to Lemonade and Cherry to Cola (Newsagents) [By @Cinabar]

Not only are there new flavours from Tic Tac out, but they are flavour change Tic Tacs. These new sweets are called Mixers and have two flavours in one. They sound a bit magic, but the reality is probably just layering. There is a version which goes from Peach to Lemonade and another which changes from Cherry to Cola.

Tic Tac Peach to Lemonade Mixers
The colour of the sweets are a pale orange, or peach I suppose. I tried two at once in order to live life on the edge and to intensify the taste. They started with a soft fruity peach flavour. It was mellow, but almost juicy and had a nice taste. The flavour became slightly tart as the sweet went on and eventually the citrus took over, and became a sharp lemonade. It reminded me of cloudy lemonade as it was quite strong and zesty. I liked the two flavours and that the lemon part was such a fresh taste.

Tic Tac Cherry to Cola Mixers
I smiled when I tried one of these dark pink sweets. The initial flavour is cherry, but it a very specific taste, it is floral, an almond like super fruity flavour, one I associate with being morello cherry. I really loved the taste, of all the variants of cherry flavour you get in sweets, this is actually my favourite. As I was enjoying the sweet flavour a little bit of sour trickled its way in, and then quite suddenly all the sharp cola arrived at once. It was more like a fizzy sour cola bottle sweet than the drink, but I liked the taste. I thought the Cherry to Cola was a goodvaried mix of flavours.

I did like these Mixers from Tic Tac, they had a very good flavour change, that was very distinctive. I think the flavour combinations worked well, and both end on a nice refreshing sour hit. The flavour change takes a little while to kick in, ensuring the first flavour gets a decent amount of air time. Unless of course you chew! Ive always sucked my Tic Tacs but apparently others just munch right through them, I think they’d be missing out on these!
By Cinabar

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