13 August 2015

South African Apples & Pears [by @NLi10]

Some time ago we got a giant box left for us at the post office - so large the owners couldn't find it as they were using it as a table!!  We had our suspicions who this was from as the couriers that drop at this obscure little newsagent have only brought us one thing before - on Valentine's Day - but why was it so large?

The box was also really light and inside it was a giant cool bag.

With a few pieces of South African fruit in the bottom! While I was overjoyed to receive peaches and plums this is just apples and pears - not quite what I'd choose myself!  I decided to make a healthy dish out of them.

And based on inspiration from one of my recipe books I chose to put some Red Gala apples in a carrot & apple salad!  Just chop and add some sesame seed oil for a bit of added flavour.

With pan fried quorn (pesto and a dash of Argon oil) and some gnocchi it made a lovely summer evening meal that was both light and filling.

A nice surprise to be sent fruit in the post, but there isn't much to say about fruit unless you do something exciting with it so I'll have to have a think about those pears.

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