22 August 2015

Gwatkin Kingston Black Cider (Cosford Food Show) [By @SpectreUK]

This was another of those bottles I picked up from a stand at the Cosford Food Show, when I was dragged kicking and screaming with the promise of free booze from the aircraft museum. Kingston Black Apples are renowned in the cider-making world for the creation of vintage house cider, so I felt pretty privileged to pick up this bottle in what was essentially a field next to a huge transport plane. Made by Gwatkin Cider Company in Hereford this 7% volume Kingston Black Cider had a traditional farming image of a shire horse mashing cider apples in an old open barn. I felt like I was just about to open something rather special that’s making traditions had been passed down for centuries. On opening the bottle there was an excitable fizz from the amber liquid. There was a heady smell of cider apples from the bottle opening. This cider had quite a sour bite to the apples that merged perfectly with the flavour from the oak barrels that it had been matured within. A very refreshing late afternoon pick-me-up and slap-me-round I can tell you on such a hot and humid day!
By Spectre

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