12 August 2015

Purple Sauce (Premier Inn) [By @cinabar]

Whenever I say the name of this sauce I immediately get Prince's Purple Rain song inexplicably stuck in my head. That's not relevant to this write up, but just know I'm humming it as I type.
This sauce is the new perfect sauce for breakfast, according to its creators at Premier Inn. They asked if I wanted to try a bottle and very kindly popped one in the post. I thought it was going to be difficult to compete with the traditional red and brown sauce, but was happy to give it a try.
I started off by having some on the side with a sausage roll. This is what I call tomato ketchup territory for me, I always have some with these kind of savoury pastries, scotch eggs etc.
I poured a dollop onto to the plate, and although still thick it was a little runnier than expected. It seemed to be migrating itself towards the sausage roll in question. I gave it a taste and have to admit to being immediately converted. The sauce has a berry base, but isn't sweet like ketchup. It is very smokey, and has a slight hint of warmth from chilli. The slight sweet fruity taste, has a sharp edge and the smokiness make it a complex flavour, but it complemented the sausage roll perfectly. I must do this properly and try it with the full English breakfast as per its purpose.
If you want to give the sauce a try it is currently available at Premier Inns, and served with their breakfast menu. I am hoping it gets listed by a supermarket too, as I'm starting to treasure this purple bottle.
By Cinabar

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