17 August 2015

New Limited Edition Kit Kat Mocha (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

There is new flavour of Kit Kat on the shelves, this new Limited Edition Mocha variety. I found it in the impulse section of Sainsbury's, on the end of the isle near the tills. It is where the single chocolate bars are, rather than the multi packs. This is a four finger Kit Kat and is not in the style of the larger Kit Kat Chunky bars.
First off I have to give a thumbs up to Kit Kat for actually bringing out an interesting new flavour. This isn’t just another variant of caramel, i.e. soft caramel, crunchy caramel, a mix of soft and crunchy caramel or indeed the, every product must have, salted caramel version. This is proper new coffee flavoured chocolate bar; Mocha.

Coffee and chocolate is a really good combination, I have no idea why it isn’t as popular as the aforementioned salted caramel, but I know I was pleased to find these new bars. There is a fabulous aroma when the wrapper comes off, and the scent of chocolate and coffee just smells lovely. The taste is much milder than the aroma made me think it would be. It is still very much noticeable and the lovely tones of rich coffee blend with the chocolatey flavour perfectly. It does complement it really well, did I mention that coffee and chocolate just work so well together?
The addition of the mocha taste make this a dream Kit Kat for me, and you can’t beat the formal of a Kit Kat with its chocolate and biscuit crunch. Definitely one I will be buying again and I’m sad to see is just a Limited Edition.
By Cinabar


Folore said...

I tried this yesterday, it is so good! I hope they don't disappear again too quickly.

Lot-O-Choc said...

I really enjoyed this too - I agree it's great to see some different flavour Kit Kats in the UK, Japan get some incredible ones!

cinabar said...

Don't they - can't imagine getting Wasabi Kit Kat here, but Mocha is a good start :-)

Anonymous said...

Just had one of these myself and they really are very good, especially washed down with a black coffee! Spectre :-)

Anonymous said...

But why is there no coffee in it at all? Nothing in the ingredients!

cinabar said...

It does say "natural flavourings" couldn't that cover coffee?