11 August 2015

Corkers Pork Sausage and English Mustard Flavour [BY @SpectreUK]

This is the last pack of crisps sent to us by Corkers some time back. I’ve been hiding this bag from Cinabar for some time to do a sneaky blog. Corkers have been growing ‘Naturalo’ potatoes on their farm in the Fenland soil of Cambridgeshire since the 1800s, although I’m not sure how long they’ve been ‘growing’ crisps there! These pan-fried potato crisps were seasoned with sausage and mustard flavour. Each bag of Corkers that I squirrelled away had a definitive crunch and was very tasty indeed, so I was expecting the same crunch from these crisps, a good flavour of sausage (although it does state on the packet they are vegetarian friendly), and a fiery zing from the mustard. On opening the bag there was a definite meaty smell mixed in with herbs, such as sage, and also onion. I was not disappointed by the healthy crunch. These crisps had a predominantly herby and onion flavour with a light touch of mustard and paprika giving them a pleasing spice, there was also a mild meaty sausage flavour moving into the aftertaste that motioned on the side of subtlety. These crisps should not deter those who like subtle crisps as they would be perfect in a large bowl with copious amounts of beer and a good film. They will bring out the flavours of malt and bitter hops from your selected brew rather than detract with oodles of flavour, although if you’re looking for a heavy metal mustard kick and punch, this is unlikely your bag!
By Spectre

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