28 August 2015

Walkers Retro Bring Me Back - Beef and Onion / Barbecue [By @Cinabar]

Carrying on with the new flavour from Walkers, I am trying out a couple of the more meaty sounding additions. I have already written about the two cheese flavours, but next up I’ll get stuck into Barbecue and Beef and Onion

I have to admit I like barbecue as a flavour, and as such I was really looking forward to these crisps. The aromas from the bag reminded me of a good quality barbecue dipping sauce. The flavour matched up to this and the sweet and smokey taste worked a treat. These were very moreish, and I can see them getting lots of votes in the competition.

Beef and Onion
Oh the aroma when you open the pack, pure meaty goodness. I have to say the flavour lives up to the scent and these fab crisps taste like they have been dipped in onion gravy. The meaty flavour is rich and strong and the onion aftertaste adds a lovely tang. So far this is the flavour which has appealed the most, this is the flavour that made me want to eat another bag straight afterwards. I think this might be my winner - but we have Lamb and Mint yet to try.
By Cinabar

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