4 May 2018

Cadbury Break Bar (@NLi10)

I love visiting Cadbury World - not to go round the factory tour, just to go in the cafe and the shop. 

While it’d be hard to keep reviewing the cafe - I always have the hot, molten rocky road.

It’s very easy to review the shop with a new bag full of goodies every few months. I spent £20 so I even got the little hippo for free.

Here is the main event - Cadbury Break Bar. While they say new on the box and are automatically fair game, I mostly bought these to eat at the show that day.

There are a lot of crunch bars at the moment - think it’s the evolution of the breakfast biscuit. They usually have a biscuit style outer and a filling that matches the brand - in this case a liquid Cadbury centre. 

Not too gooey but molten enough to be a good treat. While my partner said these were a bit too sweet I am a big fan. The biscuit is similar to animal biscuits and lovely in both flavour and texture. The hard choc base keeps it all together, and the three large chunks of goo are just the right size. I only picked up one box of these and need to see them on the high st to get more.

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