14 May 2018

Kit Kat Senses - Sharing Box (Ocado) By @Cinabar

As much as I love Kit Kat it is not something that seems like it would be ideal to share, even with a four stick Kit Kat, I tend to eat the lot. This new Senses box those has made sharing Kit Kat easy as they have put them into mini bite size pieces and mixed in three flavours. We had these to snack on while watching Eurovision, and they were the perfect treat shared in front of the TV.
The thing that impressed me the most was the box, it may look squarish and uninteresting but once you removed the lid, it opens up into a lovely card sharing bowl, perfect for placing on the coffee table. Inside which was a selection of three different varieties of miniature Kit Kat Senses.

We had:

Double chocolate -This had a dark layer inside the mini Kit Kat, and a very rich chocolate flavour. There were crunchy cocoa nibs too, which added a lovely texture.

Hazelnut - I love nuts and chocolate so this very quickly became my favourite, the praline inside had pieces of nuts too, and the flavour was heavy on the hazelnut that worked perfectly with the chocolate.

Salted Caramel - Well I suppose we had to expect a salted caramel flavour, it has been the on trend, and now very safe, flavour for many a new product. Having said that it did actually taste remarkable good, the salt was pleasingly tangy, and the crunchy caramel bits really made this.

I liked that all the varieties of these mini Kit Kat Senses had an extra nice crunch in the texture. They were very easy to eat, and were wonderful to munch on during an evening of cheesy pop on Eurovision. The very best thing about them though was the way the box opened, and turned itself into that funky sharing bowl. Definitely one to buy for munching on if there are a group of you.

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