11 May 2018

Chocca Mocca Drinking Chocolate (British Hamper Company) By @cinabar

This fine tin of hot chocolate came in my hamper that I received in the post from the British Hamper Company. It was a special chocolate edition hamper, and this is one of the many interesting treats I found inside it. I thought I would try out this hot chocolate, and have a soothing drink while working from home.
The tin looks very posh as it is modern thin and narrow, but if truth be told this does make it a little awkward to actually use. Think fiddly teaspoon, narrow container and hot chocolate drops in a bag within that. I did manage to pour some out onto the spoon and get it measured out that way. For ease I microwaved my milk and then added four teaspoons to my mug and stirred it in, letting it melt. The chocolate is in the form of Belgian chocolate drops and I thought might be difficult to mix up, but with a little stirring it soon dissolved in. From the darkness of the drink I thought the amount added looked about right.
I was right too, the flavour is very rich and this made a very indulgent hot chocolate. The taste was sweet and creamy, and it had bags of cocoa flavour. To me this is how a hot chocolate should be, essentially melted Belgian chocolate in mug, as strong or as week as you want it. Pure yum, no messing.

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