6 May 2018

Mexican Steak Pizza (@coopukfood) by @NLi10

Today we have another luxury pizza - from the lovely people at the co-op.  As you can see it's pretty large and is really intended for 2 people unlike some pizza which are a bit too small or skimp on the toppings.  Naturally as my partner is veggie I'll be eating it all.

The topping in the window doesn't quite match the topping on the picture, but when does it ever do that! Realistically it's what the pizza looks like cooked too I guess.

Here it is going in!  We use a baking sheet and you get a much more even pizza oven like cook which is great.

You get 8/10 slices depending on how generous you are - and the topping seems to want to all be in the middle.  The steak is good - doesn't taste like restaurant steak due to the cooking method so maybe you could grill small bits and then add them to the top if you made your own? It's a fantastic meal though with the smokey chipotle sauce adding an unexpected kick to the flavour.  Something I'll certainly be hoping to have again (we don't tend to get the deluxe Pizza that often). And as you can see from the virtually hidden plate it's a pretty big meal for one!

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