13 May 2018

Lets Eat Pet Food! Doggy Cake from Barking Bakery - by @NLi10 #Doggo #cute

My family quite like animals.  We have 4 cats - we are considered odd because we have zero dogs.  My parents have a lot of dogs - and my sister has a couple of the pedigree pups that they bred.

Here we see Rocket on his 3rd Birthday with a new toy - isn't he a good boy!

Because my sister is just as crazy as I am Rocket is having a birthday cake.

It comes as this pretty sweet kit - with little bones and some safe writing icing for the top.

My family chose a pun based on the fact that all the dogs are Papillon and added butterflies because that's what it's french for.

Rocket knows the birthday song means that he either gets to destroy some paper with food inside or he gets cake.  My sister gets to blow out the candles.

The items attached to the cake are clearly just luxury dog treats.  We shan't try those.  The cake itself is marked as not for humans, but we shall try that because snack reviewers sometimes have to eat horrible things.  Like the cat easter eggs...

As Rocket and his little sister Ponyo are well trained it's possible to put the cake on the floor next to them and tell them not to eat it yet.  I know some humans who would struggle with this.

They even pose nicely for pictures before too!

OK! (gobble gobble)

Inside it's a fairly standard looking cake - no cream and no jam as you'd expect.  Based on the cat treats we've eaten so far I expected there to be no sweetness and just the basics.

I only took a small slice - afterall we don't want to deprive the birthday dog.  

And it's actually nice.  I mean if you gave it to someone as regular cake they would know something was up - but it's sweet and has similarities to a cake.  It's a bit more like a yeastless bread, and quite dry, but it's edible.  My sister had some too and agreed - you could eat this if you were desperate.

This was however a family BBQ that just happened to coincide with Rocket's birthday so there were plenty of other sweet treats for the humans to snack on instead.  And for once - the weather was pretty good!

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