15 May 2018

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate Black Fig bar (Marks and Spencer) by @Cinabar

This Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate Black Fig bar has been in the Foodstuff Finds cupboard for a little while, so I’d like to start by saying that I think I purchased it in Marks and Spencer. I can’t find any trace of it on their website, and the wrapper doesn’t seem to mention the brand but that is still where I’m pretty sure I got it from.
The chocolate is packaged in a card sleeve ornately decorated with a ship on the front. The back of the pack reveals that this is a bar from North America, imported to the UK.

I opened it up and the Black Fig chocolate is also very impressive, it is quite dark in colour and neatly patterned. It didn’t break very well for sharing, but I realised this was because on the back of the bar there was a good covering of sticky fig pieces. The cocoa in the bar is 72% so it provides quite rich dark but clean flavour, it is surprisingly sharp, but still manages to feel quite silky. The fig is an interesting paring as it adds a nice addition of sweetness, an almost treacle like addition to the taste. The fig also adds a fun level of texture, with its uneven pieces and stickiness, but this did seem at odds with what seems a much more serious bar. The flavour of this chocolate is very grown up, and more for savouring than anything else with is rich dark tones. An enjoyable bar, ideal to have a piece this with an afternoon coffee. I’d love to buy another but as certain as I was this was from Marks, the more I look at it the more I think it looks less likely every time. Has anyone else seen this bar for sale in the UK?


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Hey. Thy sell these on Cocoa Runners https://cocoarunners.com/

Anonymous said...

Hello, you are not imagining it! I too bought this bar in Marks and Spencer in Cork, Ireland but haven't seen it since, I think maybe Marks sold speciality stuff like this for a while but haven't being doing it lately, I bought this bar probably more than a year ago now. I wish Marks would bring it back! Nora.