12 May 2018

Earl Grey Pale Ale (Marks & Spencer) By @SpectreUK

This Earl Grey Pale Ale was brewed by Adnams Brewery in Suffolk exclusively for M&S. M&S Earl Grey tea was added during fermentation, as well as surplus M&S bread in the brewing. Any bread we don't eat I put on the bird table, not on the grass though as we have an army of hungry cats prowling the neighbourhood at any one time. The bergamot within the Earl Grey tea is supposed to give this 5% volume pale ale a citrus flavour. I'm sure the surplus bread will add to the malted flavour on the beer too.

On opening the can there was a heady citrus smell where the hops seemed to bash into the bergamot from the Earl Grey tea in some sort of noiseless revelry. This is such a strong smell that on pouring, this golden beer didn't immediately have the feel of a pale ale. On taste the sweetness from the pale malt and added bread didn't completely break through the surface of the strong citrus hoppy and bergamot battle at the height of the flavour. The citrus bitterness hit my tastebuds straight away and wouldn't stop giving all the way to a slightly malty aftertaste. I'd say this is a beer for washing down spicy dishes and fishy meals. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad beer, as it would definitely bring out the flavours in those meals a treat.

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