20 May 2018

Vegan things for outdoor eating. Heck, Fry and Vivera (@nli10)

It’s easy for vegans and veggies to get neglected at this time of year. There are so many BBQ and food parties goi g on with buffets but it’s always bread cheese salad and quiche.

Here we have a few more interesting alternatives from Fry’s, Heck and 

I made a lovely meal out of this polony style sausage with the Heck balls but forgot to take a picture. Gah!

We have had this sausage in the freezer for ages, but it really needs to live in the fridge and to be eaten alongside various other things. Very sustaining, and definitely a solid thing, but not the most exciting. Works well with chutneys and such.

The Heck balls are amazing, little squidgy masses of fun and have so many textures and flavours they really are their own thing. I blame their exciting smell for the fact that I didn’t get a good shot. Oh well - guess I’ll have to do a full review later on.

These Vivera things were another Ocadomspecial. Two fairly plain looking pumpkin and sweet potato burgers. I suppose they will do...

The ingredients don’t seem that exciting, but they held together really well in the pan (I broke one in the box) and smelt amazing. 

And here we have a proper meal. The burgers had a really hard texture and a lovely flavour and could probably be heated on a BBQ or similar. Unlike meats though I think these would be perfectly edible once cooled too. It’s really like a potato cake mixed with a burger. Another instant hit. 

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