27 May 2018

New Magnum Double Chocolate/Raspberry/Coconut (Tesco) by @NLi10

Magnum have called a few different things double over the years, and here is the latest.  Two layers of Magnum style chocolate, with some goo in-between.  The goo varies and the ice-cream in the centre varies, but otherwise it's a Magnum!

First up I got a colleague to pick up these from Tesco as part of the special offer for their launch.  Naturally I fancied the raspberry and he fancied the chocolate.

I'm not sure why they all have fake fur packaging, but I like that the individual wraps don't say what they are so that people can't sell them individually - cunning.

This is the choc one, with a choc gooey layer in between it and the other choc layer before the choc ice cream.  The size is between a normal Magnum, and a Magnum mini - think of it as a Multipack size. It was a little too chocolaty for me, and would have benefited from some differentiation (white choc as the inside layer maybe) to give bite variety.  Enjoyable but I'd prefer the other flavours.

At least I might - but all the raspberry ones had gone before I got to try anything! Gah - more shopping required.

Luckily I was visiting a cat (Leia) and her family (and mine) had the Coconut version.  I'm a big fan of ice-cream Bounty so was happy to try this.

And as you can see it looks pretty similar on the outside to the regular double choc one!

The creamy coconut interior is the difference maker her though, I'd much prefer this one again.  I'm not sure this is the best Magnum ever (the original Infinity takes a lot of beating) and I'm sure I've had some other more fruity takes on the classic.  Also this lacks the added flakes of coconut of the Bounty of which I am a fan (but I know others don't like).

Overall though a pretty sweet take on the classic Magnum, small enough to enjoy without being over-indulgent.

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