26 May 2018

Little Willie Beer (Bovington @TankMuseum @PiddleBrewery ) By @SpectreUK

We've been holidaying in Wiltshire this week. We've visited Stonehenge and its burial Barrows, Longleat Safari Park and one of my favourite places; The Tank Museum in Bovington. I've been there a few times now. It's in the middle of no-where, so spies wouldn't find it in the First World War, I suppose. The last few times we've visited it took so long to get there from various places whilst holidaying we hardly managed a quick walk around. I did get more of a walk around this time and even saw some tanks that hadn't been there the last few visits. I shan't bore you too much with the details, but this Little Willie Golden IPA is commemorate the first ever tank in 1915. It didn't work very well, but the designers persevered and came up with Mother and her various Male and Female Marks that entered battle in the First World War in 1916. I'd heartily recommend a visit, especially if you're interested in history and its metal monsters.

On opening this Little Willie IPA from the Piddle Brewery (I'm not kidding…) there was the familiar pale malt smell. There was a complementary herbal hop bitterness than ran through this 4.3% volume ale from first taste right through to the aftertaste. It was as if I was driving a tracked vehicle. One track of pale malt, the other of herbal hops. I've driven a tank before, not one of these new fangled joystick jobs, a more traditional left stick for the left track and right stick for the right track. You have to push both to go forwards, and whichever you want to turn the tank with. This IPA was a quick turn of herbal hop followed by a good straight Roman Road and another quick turn into the aftertaste. very nice and refreshing, just like squeezing out of a tank driver's seat and into the fresh air at the end of the road. Best drive I ever had!

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