9 May 2018

Kit Kat Lemon Drizzle (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

I’ve tried a few different flavours of Kit Kats in the past, but Kit Kat Lemon Drizzle caused a little controversy when they were first brought out in the UK in February this year. As usual they are the two crispy wafers covered with milk chocolate, but this flavour has lemon flavour added around the wafer. At 105 calories is it an attack on a super traditional sponge cake or a new novelty chocolate break? It’s hard to say which one I’d prefer to have with my afternoon tea unless I try the Kit Kat…

On unwrapping the two wafer milk chocolate fingers look exactly like a regular Kit Kat. Sneaky… On the traditional break and snap the Kit Kat looks pretty much the same on the inside and doesn’t smell a heck of a lot different either. Double sneaky… To be honest on eating they have a pleasant lemon flavour mixed in with the regular wafer and milk chocolate taste. They taste a little bit like a milk chocolate lemon cream from a box of chocolates, with an added wafer, a little more sourness and without the cream… so not really like a milk chocolate lemon cream from a box of chocolates, but one that’s parent got a little too overfamiliar with a Kit Kat! And now I’ve eaten it I realise I’ve forgotten to make a cup of tea.

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