8 May 2018

Ruby Chocolate Bar (Prestat) By @Cinabar

This is isn’t my first try at the new Ruby Chocolate that has been hitting the confectionary market. I have tried the very high street version which coats the latest Kit Kat from Nestle. If you haven’t heard about the chocolate it is being marketed as the new kind of chocolate in amongst, white, milk and dark. It is made with Ruby Cocoa beans, and is naturally red.
This Prestat Ruby Chocolate bar is from the different end of the market, and is aimed at more of the chocolate connoisseur. Prestat very kindly sent the small 25g bar to try. I can’t yet see it listed on their website, but I’m sure it will be available soon. I assume it came from a multipack, some of their other bars of this size come from packets of four.

Anyway the ruby chocolate is smartly packaged and has a very pleasant spring scene on the front with birds and butterflies. I opened up the bar and was impressed with the vibrant colour of the chocolate, it a very nice shade of pink. Each piece of chocolate is stamped with the Prestat logo.
I gave the chocolate a taste and found the texture to be similar to white chocolate. The flavour was different again compared to the Nestle version. It was similar, but the bar had a sharper taste. The flavour is initially sweet, then there is a berry like flavour, but on this bar this sharpness lingers a little before turning slowly smokey. It is a pleasant bar, and a nice taste experience, I’m not sure this one wins me over from a creamy milk chocolate though. Still it is nice to taste something new, and I look forward to seeing what they will develop with this new ruby chocolate experience.

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