17 May 2018

Vegan Pizza from White Rabbit Pizza Co (@Ocadouk) by @NLi10

As smart, educated humans we know we should eat pizza every single day,  but part of me would really like that. Here we have a possible solution, vegan pizza - that is also gluten free.

White Rabbit has appeared on Ocado and is seemingly quite a small venture.


We have the smoking pizza

And we’d have the regular pizza - well - regular if you don’t look at the ingredients. The cheese is rice based!

See how rustic the gluten free base looks!

Even better when cooked. I like the style. This one didn’t have much going on - the pesto and sun dried tomatoes were great but it needed rocket or something adding. We can do that ourselves next time.

The smokey one did have leafy greens and olives but was very similar.

I liked the cheese, I liked the base, and the toppings had some good choices on them, it just all felt a little sparse compared to your typical fresh store pizza. 

I guess if you want a bulkier topping you have to add it yourself. Really enjoyable and pretty healthy so I’ll be choosing them again.

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Anonymous said...

If you're not caeliac gluten free has nothing to do with "healthy"...