10 May 2018

Pre dunked tea - Tetley Cookies & Cream (by @NLi10)

After the dunking spectacular on the BBC we’ve not got a massive amount of extra PR interest, but people who know me and saw it are now bringing me a lot more fun things to try - which is ace!

Here we have something that appeared in the free to a good home’ pile in the lab’s kitchen and was brought to my attention. I’d seen these luxury Tetley bags out and about, but I’ve never tried one. Maybe they don’t even still do them!

Here is how to make tea, presumably for any Americans that may find these.

I thought the foil was a nice touch.

And you get a slightly less transparent tea than usual in your Dirty Dinosaur mug. It’s incredibly aromatic, with the cookie smell coming predominantly from some kind of vanilla, and I think a hint of cocoa but that may be scent memory from reading the packaging.

And it’s nice enough, it does taste like it’s supposed to, and you get all the flavours of having put a biscuit in your tea with none of the crumbs from where the camera guy had you hold it in place just a little too long. After half I popped milk in and it becomes a lot smoother and the flavour more muted. It’s an enjoyable blend, but it’s still basically just black tea with vanilla. I mean I’m fine with that, but it’s not quite the revelation that some of my sisters pudding teas are.

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