7 May 2018

Ben and Jerry’s Home Sweet Honeycomb Ice Cream (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Well this is a bit of an unusual occurrence, a hot and sunny bank holiday! We put the day to practical use, and mowed the lawn, then sorted through some more boxes, we moved house recently and this job seems endless. Still what better way to treat ourselves at the end of the day than a nice cold ice cream. I had a look in the freezer to see what we had in and had that wonderful moment of finding a forgotten tub of Ben and Jerrys ice cream.
This Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is called Home Sweet Honeycomb and consists of a sweet cream base, with a honey and caramel sauce with pieces of chocolate coated honeycomb, aka cinder toffee. We shared it out, and I could see that there was plenty of chocolate bits inside it, but the sauce was a bit more sparse and needed careful distributing.
The ice cream tastes very sweet, and I loved the tones of honey with the cream, the caramel added a slightly different twist, and part of me thinks I would have preferred a pure honey taste, but that might be just because I love the flavour. What I did like too was the mix of textures from the chocolate covered cinder toffee, this made the ice cream feel interesting to eat, and the chocolate was a nice addition. This was a lovely treat eating ice cream on a hot day, and a note for me to stock up on out ice cream in the freezer, here is hoping the next bank holiday is just as warm.

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