31 May 2018

Walls Cornetto - but Vegan & Gluten Free! (Ocado) by @NLi10

Everyone loves a Cornetto, but it does exclude a few people in the modern world. So here Walls have thoughtfully made an alternative, more inclusive version that is Gluten and Dairy free.

As you can see it is soy based, but let’s see how that translates in practice.

So far so standard. It’s a box of multipack size Cornettos!

And here we have the ice cream itself - looking exactly like a Cornetto! The chocolate and nuts are indistinguishable. The white stuff, isn’t quite as sweet as a regular Cornetto but is frankly really nice. This isn’t the kind of change that they are going to force on all consumers, but I doubt the majority of people would notice. It’s still a mini size summer snack, and it’s still really tasty. 

Mom - if you are reading this - I’ll save you one in the freezer!

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