10 January 2022

Barratt Fruit Salad Dessert Pots (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Barratt Fruit Salad Dessert Pots

Yay, new desserts in Iceland and they are flavoured with traditional Barratt’s sweets. I have picked up these Barratt Fruit Salad Dessert Pots which taste of the raspberry and pineapple wrapped classic sweets. From the look of the tubs I was reminded of some mousses (now there is a plural that sounds wrong) I used to have as a kid. They were in the same shaped tubs and were also bright fruit flavours. Anyone remember them? I looked again at the box and wondered if these “Dessert Pots” were code for fruit mousse, part of me was definitely hoping so.

Barratt Fruit Salad Dessert Pots

I took the lid off one of the tubs and found a more liquid looking dessert, in a very bright shade of yellow. It isn’t at all subtle, but looked like a bright custard. I gave it a try and as bright as the colour was the flavour is as strong; sweet and fruity. They really do have all that pineapple and raspberry fruit salad flavour from the classic sweets, they are sweet and yet tart but spot on, did I mention they are not subtle.

Barratt Fruit Salad Dessert Pots

I noticed though the flavour was like yoghurt. I turned over the box and the ingredients clearly show these are yoghurts. It seems a weird idea to describe yoghurts as “dessert pots” but perhaps they are trying to entice a younger audience who might be put off by the thought of a yoghurt? These are lovely whatever they describe themselves as and I’ll be picking up some other flavours if I can find them.

Barratt Fruit Salad Dessert Pots


Jayenkai said...

Tried the BlackJack ones.
Instantly regretted it.
They went in the bin.
Hopefully these were better.

cinabar said...

These tasted super sweet and fruity (like the sweets) but yes I can see how Black Jacks would be a difficult combo.