8 January 2022

Camden Dipa Double IPA (@CamdenBrewery) By @SpectreUK

Camden Brewery Dipa Double IPA

Camden Brewery is located underneath the arches in Camden, which was the original home of Hells. It is also where Arch 55 is situated for new innovative beers and small batch brews. Arch 55 created this Camden Dipa Double IPA.

Another name for a Double India Pale Ale is Imperial IPA. Hop-centric and having a stronger alcohol by volume, Camden Dipa Double IPA is 8% in volume. The brewery has created a classic twice hopped West Coast IPA. Camden used Cali Ale yeast, Pilsner malt, Extra Pale malt and wheat, as well hops of Apollo, Simcoe Cryo, Strata, and Amarillo.

As you can see the back of the can was rather helpfully packed full of useful brewing information, which makes my job a lot easier. On opening the can there was a complex mixture of bitter herbal hops and sweet malts. This murky pale golden IPA has a smooth start in the tasting, almost creamy, followed quickly by sharp bitterness as the hops jumbled all over each other as they attempted to battle to first position for my palate. Then the Pilsner and Pale malts provided a safe haven from the fight of the hops into the aftertaste. Very nice indeed, Dipa is unique and innovative in flavour. I'd certainly have another can or more.

Now all I need is my KFC delivery to turn up so I can enjoy it washed down with this rather flavoursome Camden Dipa Double IPA. Cheers!

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