18 January 2022

After Eight Mini Eggs (Tesco) By @Cinabar

After Eight Mini Eggs

I hope it isn’t too soon for the first Easter product write up of the year. I noticed that our little local branch of Tesco has a new stocked seasonal shelf full of Easter goodies, and in amongst the new goodies I spotted this bag of After Eight Mini Eggs, this is my kind of new product. I’m a big fan of peppermint, and couldn’t wait to try these. Literally there was no way I was waiting until Easter!

Inside the bag of After Eight Mini Eggs are small chocolate eggs covered in foil, I unwrapped one and found a dark looking egg. I gave it a try and found the egg to be fairly tough to bite into, it had been made in two half shells and there was chocolate in the middle. The peppermint fondant is the same as you would expect in regular After Eights, a strong sweet blast of minty yumminess. These are like the regular product in flavour but there is one main different there is more chocolate to peppermint in this After Eight Mini Eggs version. This is a down to a personal taste preference but for me the original thin dark chocolate that lightly cracks when you bite wins for me, the peppermint is king in the original in this version the chocolate is stronger and the minty fondant although very much still present is just a little bit more subdued.

After Eight Mini Eggs


zeddy said...

They are really Mintola eggs.
(Ask an older friend ;-) )

cinabar said...

I'm not Mintola old but I am Pyramint old :-D