13 January 2022

Pukka - Chicken and Bacon Slice & Cheese, Leek and Potato Slice by @NLi10

Steak Bakes are great - a nice little pocket of heat while out an about. Pastys and Patties are both regionally fantastic too. Some of the eat at home versions are a little underwhelming - but Pukka are a pretty good bet for finding decent versions of things so lets try these.

Both can be eaten cold if you are a fan of misery. They can also be microwaved if you are in a rush or like soggy pastry - we put them in the oven with the last of the Hula Hoops.

Proper meal - we did add veg - forgot to picture though due to hunger.  Veggie on the left and meat on the right.

And these were both pretty luxurious. There was definite cubes of bacon and recognisable chicken bits in the meaty one, and the veggie one (that I didn't eat) was similarly high quality.

The flavours for mine were great, and strong enough to attract cats to remind me that cats can have a little, as a treat.  Certainly as high quality as the pies are, and something to have a few of in the fridge for quick dinners or slow lunches.


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